Morgan Glaud is a self-taught photographer who perfects is art by internships at photographers with different photographic approaches,
from reporting to the art photography.

Firstly, these are the conditions of life and work ones that challenge him.
These early photographic series will be well spent on delivery driver's daily life and the elderly's in a retiering home.

In parallel, the past on film shoots hours allow him to account for life "out of scope."

Gradually, his thinking will move away from conventional reportage.
The issue of his last works, even if the purpose is social,
will ensure that the images multiply their possible meanings and invite the reader to decipher.

Working on different mounting means, including overlay, his images derive their meaning from their relationship to others,
all creating a network of contents and informations. The work of staging is accurate too.

Voluntarily Morgan Glaud produces a set likely to make an impression
cause emotion where transparency means no more immediate understanding but a complexity of reality.

Thus, he shows a form of proximity and a clear presence in the image
by intentional and noticeable changes in the photographic process.

To be continued...