Pasta, a painter and salt.
In this series entitled "Pasta, a painter and salt"
Morgan Glaud shared a workshop for several months with a young painter.
Beyond a simple portrait, the photographer's lens questions and
shows at once the creative process and the artist provided.

Should we cut the world to better represent?
Is precarious voluntarily or not it allows the artist to express themselves more freely?
Questioning by the image on the tortuous and fragile process leading to creation.

In this common workspace, photographer and painter engaged in a form of artistic duel.
A rivalry whose main purpose affirming its otherness.
If the work of the artist sometimes takes a form of interiority,
Morgan Glaud highlights the importance of notions of confrontation and exceeded.

It is also in these photos a form of self-sufficiency where the subject occupies only part most often.
The overlay technique sometimes used further reinforces the impression of an artist as detached from the world.
Isolation is not it a necessary act of creation step?

Thus, because the ways of creation are internal, the objective of Morgan Glaud turns into a mirror.

Impenetrable, you say?