Transit area
In the West, it is as if the moment was a disposable emergency.
Impossible for us to stop, pause, in a world ruled by speed.

It must now communicate more, consume more, stay young longer ...
Dictates that create exclusion of those whose body says stop: our elders.

The human being is a commodity like any other.
Once the expiration date has passed and confirmed its uselessness,
it is projected outside the company before finally leaving life.
New values that do not alone explain the placement of our parents, grand -parents, retirement homes.
The idea of transmission fell into disuse and the progressive dislocation of households are other possible answers.
But this behavior can also be explained by a more philosophical reason: to see his parents physically and
declined to take the position of the child that we once held us back to the idea of our own death.
A situation in any complex issue on which it is difficult to judge, be it positive or negative.

Morgan Glaud has preferred to shed light from the tip of its “objectif-vité”* through its reporting "transit area."
No easy answers but a desire to open the debate on an issue that is becoming central to the progressive arrival of our "baby boomers."

*en francais : objectif : lens/ objectif
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